Environmental advantages of sperm whale

This understanding of whale intelligence has brought new insights into the importance of caring for these marine mammals and granting them certain protective rights so that they can continue to thrive in the ocean. Both names are still used, although most recent authors now accept macrocephalus as the valid name, limiting catodon' s status to a lesser synonym. Sperm whales have a strong tendency for schooling behaviour, forming schools of females and young males, and mixed ages and sexes. Other than sperm whales, southern right whales had been observed to perform similar formations. The animal however has a hump or a series of humps present along the dorsal surface of the tailstock. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The low genetic diversity of Albany Sperm Whales may be due to the historical whaling pressure on Sperm Whale populations from this area.
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Sperm Whales' Amazing Adaptations

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Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus)

Both Pakicetus and Protocetus are known as archaeocetes or archaic whales, and all of the earliest fossils are from northern locations. Long-beaked common dolphin D. A social unit is a group of sperm whales who live and travel together over a period of years. Northern bottlenose whale H. The bubbles themselves can be as small as pearls or as big as basketballs.
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Understanding marine mammals

The main driving force for the sexual segregation of adult sperm whales is scramble competition for mesopelagic squid. Sperm whales can live 70 years or more. Illustration of a sperm whale eating a giant squid via Shutterstock All squid are eaten, especially the giant of the deep-sea, Moroteuthis robusta. The etymological dictionary of Corominas says the origin is uncertain, but it suggests that it comes from the Vulgar Latin cappula , plural of cappulum , "sword hilt".
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The sperm whale's ivory-like teeth were often sought by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century whalers, who used them to produce inked carvings known as scrimshaw. Conservation status in NSW: Physeter macrocephalus Linnaeus , Australasian Journal of American Studies. Sperm whales have occasionally been found with pieces of plastic in their stomachs. The diameter of the aortic arch increases as it leaves the heart.
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